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Please browse these pages if you are interested in Body Mind Centering, Somatic Movement Education, Dance Science Research and Evaluation and the ways in which  I am working and offering consultancy and facilitation services in these areas.


I love playing with words and their meanings, and I enjoy finding acronyms that communicate interesting and powerful ideas. As a contemporary dancer, dance scientist and somatic movement educator I believe passionately (and gather the evidence rigorously) in the very real experience of embodiment. So, for me, the three capital letters of YET convey the message that:


As well as being a great acronym for my over arching philosophy the word itself is a very powerful tool to combat the many negative or unhelpful thought patterns that can keep us stuck. When you add the three small letter word yet to the end of any disempowering statement or sentence, it throws open the door to new experience and future accomplishment …

‘I haven’t got enough confidence’ switches (or is that transforms!) into, ‘I haven’t got enough confidence yet!”  

And ‘I haven’t found a way to do X/Y/Z’ becomes an open ended and forward looking    ‘I haven’t found a way to do X/Y/Z yet!’

Try it and see if it works for you? And feel free to share any thoughts or experiences,      I would love to hear about them. And please get in touch if you want to explore possibilities for working, collaborating or co-creating. You can contact me on debbie@yetproject.com or mobile 07595835756 or leave a message below.

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