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I believe passionately in the innate capacities of the human body  to support us at every age and stage of our lives. Through conscious and unconscious movement of energy, breath, bone, muscle, fluid; and in relationship to each other and our surroundings, we are in a process of ongoing development. We can energise that process through actively embodying more of our own unique body landscape and freeing its potential for responsive unfolding and healing.

the yet project
you embody transformation

As well as being a great acronym for my over-arching philosophy the word itself is a very powerful tool to combat the many negative or unhelpful thought patterns that can keep us stuck. When you add the small word yet to the end of any disempowering statement or sentence, it throws open the door to new experience and future possibility …‘I don’t have any confidence’ changes (or is that transforms) into, ‘I don’t have any confidence yet!’ And ‘I can’t do that (speak French, dance, move my arm backwards, tell someone how I feel’ becomes an open ended and forward looking ‘I can’t do that yet!’ It also gently moves us beyond our learned or first response and opens up the beautiful paradox of living… ‘my illness/injury was very traumatic, yet somehow it was that which led me to learn more about myself’.

If you would like to explore how we might work together, please get in touch: debbie@yetproject.com or mobile 07595835756 or leave a message below.

In embodied anticipation,

Debbie Allan

I recently reverted to my maiden name instead of Debbie Watson (which was my married name). In case of confusion!

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