Movement education

As a Dance Scientist and a certified BMC somatic movement educator I am able to offer a wide experience of movement education and re-education. The knowledge from Dance Science spans biomechanics, physiology and psychology and in BMC, there is an advanced understanding of whole body anatomy, at a deep level.

BMC is not a fixed technique but a responsive and open approach to enhancing movement and expressive possibilities through greater understanding and shared exploration of the body – in relation to itself, others and the environment. This systems approach is also recognised within Dance Science, how an individual dancer is affected by the psychological relationships and environments created by teachers and choreographers as well as the physical forces acting on the body, e.g. gravity and levity.

As a movement educator, I am interested in the many ways to find more ease, expression and range of movement; how you might be able to embody and understand your different tissues, structures and functionality, and how that can help you extend your movement capacity. Along the way I am keen to encourage a new enjoyment and curiosity about our amazing bodies!

As an educator I work with groups and individuals, in class and workshop settings or 1-2-1 sessions. Often my classes and workshops are aimed at dancers and other experienced movers but movement education can bring benefits to anyone, individuals or groups, at any age or stage. I have listed some of the possibilities below:

Experiential anatomy classes for dancers and experienced movers, using body-mind centering and dance science approach

The classes can focus on an overall body system, e.g skeletal, fluids, muscles organs, offering dancers new ways to experience, express and support their body and movement. The class will be made up of movement explorations, partner work, touch and some book/visual learning. Dancers learn to engage different parts of their anatomy or initiate movement from different places within their bodies.

1-2-1 sessions for experienced and non experienced movers

These sessions will generally focus on a body/movement question or issue that you wish to explore, answer or address. In a spirit of shared discovery, we will use touch, movement and discussion as a way to find change, answers and solutions.


If you would like to discuss how Dance Science and BMC might fit with your own setting then please get in touch. My approach is highly collaborative and I am keen to understand and explore the ways in which this great work could be most beneficial to your own setting, aims or concerns.

My contact details are on the About page and you can find lots of links and info about BMC and Dance Science on the Info & links page.


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